Shiso Studio has developed the concept, Mrs. Phink’s House, a platform to bring together food, landscape, and architecture to create new ways to research and explore the sensorium of plants.

Each project is structured as an experiment. We select plants, collect seeds, grow plants, and develop food tastings. From there we find locations that reflect the essence of our experiments, invite other creatives to participate, and invite an audience to experience the result.

The bunker


In this iteration of Mrs. Phink’s House, we focused on the Danish coastline. After an extensive research period of documenting different ecosystems and edible plants. We invited 6 female chefs, and 18 different artists to use the Danish coastline as inspiration, and create a new world within a bunker in Refshaleøen for people to experience for 3 weeks.

During these three weeks, Teaterøen’s Bunker location was turned into a venue for food artists, musical + dance performances, and textile and food workshops to respond to and be inspired by saltwater and Danish coastal landscapes.

Photo credit: Fred Yuhe Zhang, Malwa Grabowska/Hipermania, Sanna Lehto

The villa


Working with chef, Claudia Canzanella, we examined the herb Shiso. Our research culminated in a 4 weeklong pop-up restaurant in Villa Kultur (formerly KW3) located in Østerbro, where every drink, dish and snack was an homage the complexity that is Shiso.

Photo credit: Tina Brok Hansen