Inspired by the intricate flavor complexities of the Shiso plant, Shiso Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio where plants are our medium. We specialize in generating new ways to experience plants in contemporary culture through sensory experience.

What does this mean?

This means that Shiso Studio works across the fields of Landscape Architecture, Spatial Design, and Event Planning/Design to generate works by telling stories that expand people’s understanding + experience of nature.


Shiso Studio will work with you to develop holistic landscape strategies ranging from initial concept development to annual plant maintenance schemes. Our focus is to develop landscapes at varying scales that work with sustainable planting principles, highlighting the beauty of nature throughout the season, and evoking the senses.

Project examples:


Shiso Studio is experienced in developing, arranging and facilitating both private and public events. We can develop custom events, or create an experience that fits within your concept. Depending on the size and scope of your event, Shiso Studio can organize every aspect of your event, from finding location, developing food concepts, and fabricating installations that transform your event into a complete memorable experience.

Project examples:

spatial design

Shiso Studio can create and execute large and small-scale installations that are inspired by and work with nature. We are experienced in planting design for film productions + restaurants, while also creating small-scale flower arrangements for your next event.

Project examples:


Taryn Cullen Humphrey is the founder and creative director of Shiso Studio.

As an architect, landscape architect, and floral artist her work is cross-disciplinary.

She explores different ways to experience plants, more specifically edible plants, as a means of re-establishing the link between people and nature.

Believing that collaboration generates the best result, she works with specialists within the fields of science, art, and food to create projects that push the boundaries of how we experience nature.

She received a Master of Landscape Architecture from Copenhagen University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.